Full Version: The Easter Core War Tournament
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T H E   E A S T E R   C O R E W A R   T O U R N A M E N T

The Easter Core War Tournament will be held on 27th March using CWS'94 Redcode in a medium process multiwarrior core. Players may enter up to two warriors, maximum length 25 instructions.

All entries will take part in a multiwarrior qualifier with the 10 highest scoring entries advancing to the final. The highest scoring warrior in the final will be awarded the $50 first prize. The $25 second prize will be awarded to the highest scoring warrior in the qualifier.

The score formula used will be -= 144/(S*S) (144 points for a solo win, 36 points for a two-way tie, 16 points for a three-way tie, 9 points for a four-way tie, etc).

Entries can be sent by email to digital DOT wilderness AT googlemail DOT com. The deadline is 25th March 2016. All entries will be published at the end of the tournament.

The tournament homepage is at: