Full Version: Tiny Stone Challenge
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Tiny stone challenge will take place from April 6th till May 9th. Challenge's webpage is located at

1. Standard tiny hill specs apply: core size = max processes = 800, max cycles = 8000, max length = min distance = 20, P-Space allowed. Battles will be run in CoreWin with "Permutate" option.
2. Accepted warrior types: stones, stone + imps, non-scanning vampires and any other bombers. Not allowed: scanner hybrids, stone + papers, silkdwarfs.
3. No clones. Submissions must differ from published tiny warriors in at least one key component such as stone, clear or imp launcher. All entries will be published at the end of the tournament.
4. The scoring is multiobjective. Entries will be benchmarked against two undisclosed testsets, first one consisting of scanners (mostly oneshots), and the second one consisting of papers, both handcoded and evolved. Ranking will be performed according to the Pareto optimality criterion. A dominates B if both scores of A are greater than the respective scores of B. Rank 1 will consist of non-dominated entries, rank 2 of non-dominated entries after excluding rank 1, and so on.
5. Standings will be updated regularly. You can submit your entries to at any time during the challenge period, but no more than one entry per day. A "day" starts and ends at 00:00 GMT. You can have no more than 3 warriors in the challenge at the same time. Include a ;kill line to replace an entry.
6. Standings will be seeded with some of the published stone warriors.
The challenge is now finished. Congratulations to John Metcalf and Christian Schmidt with 3 and 1 rank-1 entries respectively and thanks to everyone who participated. There are 19 final entries by 7 authors: 8 stone + imps, 6 pure stones, 2 stun bombers, 2 vampires and a TNT-style bomber.
Rank    Name                        Author              Scans   Papers
1       Burning Desire              John Metcalf        156.9   136.3
1       Creeping Horror             John Metcalf        130.5   140.7
1       Wraith                      John Metcalf        175.0   122.3
1       T-Stone 2                   Christian Schmidt   188.0    78.0
2       Tiny Last Judgement         Christian Schmidt   154.1   121.3
3       Smilodon                    Simon Wainwright    111.4   130.2
3       Lapis Impus 3               Christian Schmidt   121.7   120.4
4       Thylacine                   Simon Wainwright    108.7   128.0
4       WretchedTorch               P. Kline            113.0   123.9
4       Ringert                     Roy van Rijn        119.7   122.0
4       Rongert                     Roy van Rijn        138.7   118.0
4       Salamander                  S. Fernandes        147.0   114.3
5       Cloudrunner                 Simon Wainwright    119.3   108.5
5       Triturus                    S. Fernandes        140.3   104.7
6       Tiny Tapir                  Roy van Rijn        116.2   105.4
6       Runestone                   S. Fernandes        117.3   103.5
6       rdrc:Benthic Bloodbath      Dave Hillis         136.3    89.3
7       rdrc:Pygmy Snore            Dave Hillis         128.8    86.8
8       rdrc:Coolheaded Sandblast   Dave Hillis         123.1    81.0
Final entries are available at